Jack Linden was the best of the best, or at least that’s what he had been told by his superiors. He was known for doggedly hunting down the perpetrators, never letting a single case go to rest until he had answers. That is, until he came across the Leonard case. Nothing added up, and the scenes of the family’s gruesome murder continue to haunt Jack to this very day.

Once happily married, Jack’s wife, Bethany, left his after so many years of feeling ignored. It was as if he was married to his work rather than to her. She kept in touch, but there was no sense in forgiving the man she had once loved. Having no children of his own, Jack saw little use in keeping his connection with his former wife, but he humored her more often than not.

As a child, Jack had always been the apple of his mother’s eye. His father was too invested in his work to bother with the children, but he made a comfortable enough living to let his mother stay home with the children. As the oldest, Jack often found himself in charge of his younger siblings. Though he rarely took advantage of such a position, he never backed down from a chance to prank the younger ones. It was always in good fun, and he rarely went “too far.” In school, however, he was always a bit of a scoundrel. Playing varsity basketball, he was well-liked by everyone and often found himself getting what he wanted. The Civil Rights Movement was a recent thing, and he fought valiantly to maintain a good impression. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero in his eyes, and he valued the work that the reverend had done.

He made it through the criminal justice program by the seat of his pants. He had done well in school, but moving up to where the “big dogs” were was an entirely different story. He found racial tension wherever he went, and he did his best to make him self valuable outside of prejudices. For the most part, he succeeded. With only a few snags on his way to becoming a detective, he received his badge and began to live his dream.

Now in the 21st century, things were different. Jack was secure in who he was and his position in the police department. He was respected widely as a good man and a good cop, but that was soon becoming a thing of the past. He needed another dream to live for now, and it wasn’t enough to just be a respected man. The thrill of life was gone, and he is damn determined to find something that will reawaken the spice of life he so dearly misses.

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